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Offre de Partenariat

I, Bidossessi Justin, I am in the export and import of agricultural products, my company is ECTBJB Sarl in Benin in West Africa,
I live in France,
I have a good agricultural project (Vanilla - Soybeans - sesame - yellow corn - Pineapple), we have land in Benin also we have the possibility of also renting land without any worries but we lack the agricultural market and financing in Benin in West Africa, currently we are sincerely looking for a person where a group of worthy agricultural investors who can support us in carrying out our projects in Benin so that we can be hired and export abroad, we have experienced men between 5 and 10 years old and young university graduates in agriculture with a lot of agricultural experience who studies the soils with the temperatures with the seasons and who masters well how directed such a project for a good return.
I am currently in Europe looking for a credible investor.
PS: The Scammers take your paths because I am not your pigeon.
We pray to all people where agricultural company who is capable of accompanying us contact us by
whatsapp: +229 66251891 / Tel: +33 755294851

Pays: Benin

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